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I am Denise - photography enthusiast. If I am not sitting behind a desk researching about sustainable entrepreneurship and storytelling, I love to capture moments and connect to my surroundings, thereby having the best impact I can. 


Born and raised in Southern Germany, I have always been triggered by exploring the unknown, especially when it comes to human systems, their cultures, behaviors, but also nature, spirit, and food! In the past years I got to experience life in some breathtaking places - of course, always accompanied by my camera, hunting for the most authentic shots of landscapes, people, street life, and my friends. Listening to these stories made me enthusiastic to delve deeper into the reality and beauty within us; to share the very essence with the people around and creating awareness about our all, true heritage.


Within the process, I seek to focus on vivid and expressive details  purifying each soul’s character and telling their unique story. The photos have been taken both digital and analog on either a Fujifilm XT-30, a Leica R4, a Pentax X, and a Contax X. 


Are you interested in a collaboration? It's wonderful meeting like-minded people over a chat or cup of freshly brewed coffee. Drop me a message!

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T- (+49) 0152 21397612

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