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Las calles del Distrito Federal - México DF.

Have you ever visited a place that completely absorbed you? A place that felt more surprising than you ever imagined in your craziest dreams? A place that made you stop in time and more present than ever before?

Two elderly women of an indigenous tribe on the streets of the historic center of Mexico City protesting after the police had previously banned vendors of indigenous origins selling products.

Anywhere you go, there is so much happening. And it is beautiful. I consider MXDF a vivid city of contrasts and surprises. Even being stuck in nerve-wracking traffic jam has been enjoyable, because I could stand still and creepily stare at people through my window. I loved looking at their faces, observing the facial expressions, and see their awkward reaction or smiles the moment looking each other in the eye.

These are the little reminders of enjoying every possibility to get to know real life in an unknown place. And I loved it! I suppose you could call this a street photographer's dream, and yesssss, it undoubtedly has been mine too.

"You are never prepared for what to expect." - James A. Michener

Young families of indigenous origins are protesting on the streets of CDMX to support their tribe.

A majestic colonial museum overlooks the city, whereas many streets in downtown are covered in trash. Some locals are welcoming you with the most charismatic and heart-warming smiles, whereas you learn quickly, that it is not always a good idea to smile at random strangers in metros. Some streets are covered in darkness. The historic center is blooming in thousands of colorful Christmas lights. Parks are filled with cheerful seniors dancing to folklorish music. Big sound systems are blasting Reggaeton through the streets. The cool kids are hanging around their neighborhood. Indigenous people in beautiful dresses are protesting peacefully on the streets. Locals are making groceries on one of the many buzzing markets

- it is magnificent, this timeless culture.

"A vivid city of contrasts and surprises."

Typical scene on Mexico's streets: Vendors selling their goods while drivers are waiting to pass the traffic lights.

This magic has been only possible with my wonderful amiga and local expert, Samanta. Muchas gracias for sharing this crazy experience with me and inviting me into your wonderful home. You are the best city guide and food buddy I could have wished for. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful time we have spent together wandering the streets of CDMX from early morning till late evening.

Gracias Samanta

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