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Realness Between Piñas And Piñatas.

Photographic documentation of my path to Mexican realness in-between pineapples and piñatas: Mercados - a very special love story.

Women selling elote at a food market in Xochimilco. Elote, or Mexican corn, is a typical to go street food for Mexicans.

Wherever my paths have taken me, I usually seek to explore the realness and authenticity of a culture rather than spending time in shopping centers (OK, probably my budget would not allow so either.) Anyways... one of my favorite things is to seek local mercaditos. I find it a wonderful way to immerse myself in the realness of a place, its culture, and the locals. And guess what? I have been a very lucky girl because Mexico is abundant in markets. No matter where your path is leading you, you will stumble at least once or twice over a color flooded market. Jackpot! 

La Merced is considered a major food market in the center of Mexico City. A dream for food lovers and photographers - no matter whether you look to your left or to your right, rapid movements are happening all over the place.

One food stall is offering an unbelievable amount of chilis, another one is exhibiting fast amounts of exotic fruits which light your sight from afar, in another corner an adorable girl is staring at my exotic appearance while playing around with fruits, everywhere you hear screaming of vendors trying to compete for the loudest voice. Suddenly, I cannot trust my eyes as a butcher is rapidly passing by while carrying a piece of meat similar to the size of half a cow on his shoulders. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Oh, but wait, I am already distracted by the woman next to me enthusiastically squeezing the large amounts of mandarines to a delicious fruit juice... I could continue forever...

Lucky me, I have had three wonderful angels on my side protecting and constantly safeguarding me to not be run over or hit by a truck. Big shoutout to Samanta and her lovely family for saving my life over and over again. In situations like these, I must admit that my village kid senses are not accustomed to such buzzing traffic scenes. Nevertheless, I do love the adrenaline shooting through my veins once I realize the universe's path of my unharmed survival.

It is a mesmerizing experience. I promise. Thanks, universe.

I find satisfaction in realness between pineapples and piñatas. It is my greatest joy to wander the mysteries of markets with my camera, explore the unseen corners and smell the marvelous flavors of life. What about you? What are your approaches to explore authenticity whilst traveling abroad? I am excited about some inspiration. 

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